News for the 2017 Summer Season

This year, we are excited to be greatly expanding our vegetable production in the fertile Arkansas River Valley. We have some incredible farmland less than 3 miles from beautiful Salida, Colorado.

We grow in three different bio-intensive small farms. Our total size is just under two acres. Our growing practices closely follow Certified Organically Grown except for those practices we feel are detrimental to the environment. We focus on minimal impact farming in efforts to have the smallest carbon footprint and still provide some of the best tasting local food.

From the very beginning we focus on minimal impact farming, we start our seeds in soil blocks we make out of locally sourced soil from Paonia. By making our own blocks we cut down on the use of plastic containers that inevitably find their way into the land fills, streams and mountains.

At Brickyard almost everything is done by hand. The closest thing we share with mechanized agriculture is a tractor, a two-wheel walk-behind tractor powered by a small Subaru engine.

Brickyard grows all the vegetables, (with the exception of the corn), but of course we will still be working with local family farms to bring in incredible fruits from all across the sunny orchards of Colorado. Get ready for Palisade peaches, Honeycrisp apples, Rocky Ford cantaloupes, and a whole lot more!

Just as we always have, we will be fire-roasting delicious Colorado chilies at the Salida Farmers’ Markets every Saturday in September and October.

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